Client Services

At 360 Search we are focused on furthering the interests of our client’s organisations. We achieve this by providing highly effective talent acquisition solutions, primarily the research, identification, engagement and attraction of highly desirable candidates.

Specialist, technical and management search

Our specialist search services are designed for clients aiming to recruit from the total candidate pool, as opposed to just the active candidate pool.  We believe that good recruiters don’t sit back and wait for candidates to come to them; they go out to the market and create candidates.

Our search model gives you access to the so-called “passive” candidate pool that advertising alone simply does not reach. The passive candidate pool consists of 80% to 90% of all candidates. We believe that old-school recruitment strategies (e.g. advertising alone) that target just 10% of the total candidate pool are grossly inadequate for filling many technical and management roles.

Consider our search model your premier recruitment solution.


Our recruitment services are in line with industry best practice. Depending on your unique organisational needs we can deliver full-cycle recruitment processes or, if preferred, we can deliver just that part of the process that you want us to. Talk to us about what you want to achieve and we will tailor an approach that best meets your needs.

Contractors / Professional leasing

Contractors are self employed professionals that are GST registered with the IRD. Contractors generally cover their own tax, GST, insurances and ACC and usually invoice on a per hour basis every week, fortnight or month.

360 Search works with a growing pool of professionals who increasingly choose to work on a contract basis. We are able to provide short and medium term staffing solutions to our clients via the utilisation of a contract workforce.

Our Fees:

All of our services are designed with the objective of delivering desirable outcomes to our clients. We charge for our services on a project basis and will work hard to accommodate any recruitment budget. Talk to us about our competitive rates today.

Contact us to discuss your organisational needs and how we can deliver an optimum return on your investment.