Why search?

A few truths about your possible talent pool:

  • The pool of “experienced” professionals is shrinking
  • The graduate pool is becoming “less skilled”
  • Your competitors are becoming more adept at attracting the staff that you want
  • Many recruitment processes are outdated and are failing to attract the talent you need

In general, the talented professionals that you want to hire are:

  • Not actively searching for situations vacant
  • Interested in hearing about genuine career opportunities
  • Geographically mobile
  • Happy to move for the best job
  • Less loyal and happy to switch companies (every two years on average)
  • More demanding (in pay expectations, career progression, training and development)

Did you know…

  • Only approximately 10% of relevant talent is looking for a new job at any given time
  • We are in a candidate short market and there is intense competition for particular skill-sets
  • Yesterday’s approach to recruitment is one where companies compete to attract the best talent from a very limited candidate pool – 10% of active job seekers
  • Posting on job boards does not reach the 90% of non-active job seekers; this 90% probably includes the best candidates

At 360 Search we recognise that talent is everywhere.

We create candidates. We don’t sit back and wait for people to volunteer themselves as a candidate.


If you engage 360 Search we will:

  • Identify, attract, engage and communicate with the entire talent pool using our networks, systems and technology
  • Become your brand advocates and powerfully represent your brand directly to your target market
  • Assist you to create and make attractive propositions that tempt people into candidacy
  • Facilitate open, transparent, two-way communication, inviting candidates to consider your organisation as a current or future employment prospect
  • Build strong relationships with people on your behalf and give them a highly positive experience with your brand
  • Provide you with information about the entire candidate pool that you are hiring from empowering you to make highly informed hiring decisions

Organisations that want to win the war for talent need to embrace processes that empower their recruiters to seek out preferred candidates and deliver compelling propositions directly to them.

Contact us today and gain access to the talented professionals that your business needs.